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What Is Probate?

After an individual dies, there are many steps that must be taken and many legal requirements that must be met in order to settle the estate. This process is known as probate or estate administration.


What Is Probate?

Probate is the court process in which an estate is finalized after an individual's death. The process of probate is used to accomplish many things, from determining the value of the estate to distributing assets to beneficiaries to settling any outstanding debts.

Probate can be a long and burdensome process. In fact, many people take specific steps through estate planning to avoid the process altogether. The use of trusts is one common probate avoidance tool. 


Dying Without a Will

When an individual dies without a will, the state assumes responsibility for administering his or her estate. Dying without a will is known as dying "intestate." Family members may have limited power in determining how the estate is distributed. For small estates, this may not present many legal challenges. However, for high-value estates, it is advisable to speak to a probate attorney about possible legal options.

For more information please contact your local probate courts and/or your probate attorney.






American Probate Team is a full service real estate brokers and have a wide range of services which can help you when you need it the most.

We have hands-on knowledge and experience of the court and probate process. We understand and are completely sensitive to the circumstances for which you need their professional services. You can rest assured that

American Probate Team is extremely familiar with and understand the special probate forms, contracts and procedures. We will be there to hold your hand and make it as quick and easy as possible for you.


Probate Evaluation

We will evaluate the current value of the property in today’s market with the Comperative Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA will produce recent sales and current listings in the area to help you price your property right and maximize it’s value.


Liquidation Of Personal Property
Our consultants will assist you with the liquidation of all of the personal property, if needed. We will setup appointments with charities and Estate Sales companies, and guide you through the entire liquidation process from start to finish.


Property Cleaning

Our cleaning crews and handymen will clean the property and take great care of the valuable and memorable items in the property. Let us worry about the details.


Probate Staging

Our powerful and effective staging services prepare the property to be presented to the audience and will make the property as pleasant and inviting as possible to produce the top dollar you are looking for.

Probate Marketing

Our experience, technology, and resources allow us to list, market, and sell the property as quickly and easily as possible. We want to give you a seameless transaction with our support team. They are around the clock to support your needs.


Taking An Open House Beyond the Basics


Holding an open house is serious business and our team can maximize open houses to sell your property. Below is a chart which walks you through our 7-step open house process for attracting buyers.


Step 1 – Sign in the yard

Step 2 – Sign in the yard with balloons and riders

Step 3 – Directional signs at all key corners.

Step 4 – Fliers the week before, email invites, and posted on websites

Step 5 – Go invite neighbors (100 min)

Step 6 – Get on the phone that morning and remind everyone

Step 7 – Hold 4 other open houses in the area in the various price ranges


Qualifing Buyers


Our probate firm has worked with hundreds of real estate buyers over the years and has a network of qualified buyers and investors who we can introduce your property to in an effort to find the right buyer for your listing. Through our proven marketing system and methodology, The Marina Leyzbovskays is able to efficiently promote your brand new listing, completing your real estate transaction in a timely and smooth manner.

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Who We Serve



Attorneys work with us for our experience with all of the forms, terms, and procedures of probates. We can uniquely provide fast turnarounds and unparalled customer service. We have great relationships with Court Clerks, Attorneys and Trustees and communicate with them throughout the process so you do not have to.



We have years of experience working with families during these kinds of difficult times, including executors. We believe we can help you sucessfully complete your probate and manage the relationships of all of the loved ones involved. We will be there to advise you and guide you smoothly through the probate process.



We have worked with and helped many heirs through the probate process over the years. We understand the pain of losing a loved one and the added stress of settling their estate. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and be there to support you with all of your estate decisions.

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Meet Our Team


Our team are expereienced probate realtors.  We serve real estate properties in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County and in Arizona, Maricopa County.


California Locations: Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego

Marina Leyzbovskay

Keller Williams Realty

CalBRE # 01343223

(818) 692-5443


Broker • Certified Probate Specialist • Certified Short Sale Specialist • Pre-Foreclosure Specialist • ASP Stager

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Isabel Velez

CalBRE # 01848089

(818) 335-4186


Broker • GRI • Probate Specialist • Short Sale Specialist • 

Arizona Locations: Phoenix - Scottsdale - Peoria - Glendale - Surprise - Avondale

Peggy HIckey

SA # 025024000

(623) 326-4265

REO, Short Sale Specialist

Probate Specialist

Marina Leyzbovskay

BR # 642321000

(623) 547-5300


Broker • Certified Probate Specialist • Certified Short Sale Specialist • Pre-Foreclosure Specialist • ASP Stager

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